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Alan Ames
Barmherziger Jesus

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Mary - Model for disciples (second-hand)
Dr. Renu Rita Silvano

Sketch of Marian theology for lay people

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€ 3.00
Preparation for Total Consecration according to Saint Louis Marie de Montfort (second-hand)

Preparing booklet

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€ 4.00
Our Father speaks (second-hand)
Alan Ames

Messages from 1995 to 1999

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€ 5.00
Mother! - Lead us to peace! (second-hand)
Fr. Slavko Barbaric

Reflections on Mary

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€ 6.00
Evolution Theory and the Sciences: A Critical Examination (second-hand)
Albrecht Graf v. Brandenstein-Zeppelin / Alma v. Stockhausen (Editors)

Collection of contributions given at an international conference at Gustav Siewerth Academy in Bierbronnen (Germany)

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€ 8.00
Mother Teresa - Come be my Light (second-hand)
Brian Kolodiejchuk (Editor)

The private writings of the "Saint of Calcutta"

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€ 10.00
Pope Fiction (second-hand)
Patrick Madrid

Answers to 30 myths and misconceptions about the papacy

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€ 12.00
The documents of Vatican II (second-hand)

Including all clarifying documents and commentaries

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€ 15.00
Ascent of Mount Carmel (second-hand)
St. John of the Cross

A spiritual treasury of the late Middle Ages

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€ 15.00
Alone with Thee (second-hand)
Reverend B. J. Murdoch

Readings for the Holy Hour

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€ 15.00
The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (second-hand)
Luisa Piccarreta

Revealed by God to Italian visionary

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€ 18.00
The Mystery of Purgatory (second-hand)
Father Hubert

How to help the souls suffering in Purgatory

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€ 20.00
My other Self in which Christ speaks to the soul on living HIS life (second-hand)
Clarence J. Enzler

Conversations with Christ on living your faith

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€ 20.00
The Third Spiritual Alphabet (second-hand)
Francisco de Osuna

A masterpiece of mystical literature

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€ 25.00
Jesus (second-hand)
Michael Grant

Looking at Jesus with an historian's eye

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€ 25.00
Saint Paul (second-hand)
Michael Grant

Ambitious study about a central figure in early Christianity

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€ 25.00
Christs Appeal for Love (second-hand)

To his humble servant Josefa Menéndez

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€ 30.00

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